Our credentialed experts provide risk, industrial hygiene, and safety consultation services in a variety of industries, retail and office environments,  worldwide.  Some additional details about our services are provided below.  If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Personal, area, and/or source exposures to biological, chemical, and physical hazards are monitored using field calibrated pumps.  Observations of work activities are made periodically.  Samples are analyzed by AIHA accredited laboratories.  We have performed monitoring for a variety of agents including but not limited to crystalline silica, heavy metals, particulates asbestos, solvents, VOCs, and APIs.

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Sound level measurement and personal noise dosimetry can be performed in various indoor and outdoor environments using factory and field calibrated type 1 sound level meters and type 2 personal wireless dosimeters.  We provide targeted and cost effective recommendations to reduce sound levels where needed as well as administrative controls and appropriate PPE as required.

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Detailed IAQ investigations can be performed  in office, retail and manufacturing settings with direct reading instrumentation and/or air monitoring equipment depending on the nature of the complaints.  Monitoring may include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, VOCs, and/or allergens.  Samples are submitted to laboratories with relevant AIHA, NVLAP, or CDC Elite certifications.

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Site visits can be performed for OSHA and/or corporate compliance to achieve best in class in the areas of ergonomics, illumination, thermal comfort, housekeeping, haz comm, means of egress, emergency and electrical equipment, ladders, pest control, slip/trip/fall hazards,  work space conditions, compressed gases, machine guarding, LOTO, laboratory safety,  powered industrial trucks and equipment.

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We can evaluate the need and effectiveness of industrial exhaust ventilation systems and/or laboratory hoods  by provide air flow testing for those systems and recommendations for contaminant control in accordance with guidance from organizations such as ACGIH, ASHRAE, NFPA and ANSI.

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We can perform site walkthroughs, interviews and utilize tools including air, bulk, tape and/or swab sampling to identify and/or quantify sources of potential microbial contamination (mold/fungi). We interpret the results and present our findings using best available guidance from the EPA,  OSHA, AIHA, NYC Department of Health, IICRC, other organizations and professional judgement.  We hold required mold assessment certifications for the District of Columbia and Florida.